Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Edwin Campos
Edwin Campos
Research Meteorologist
Climate & Atmospheric Science Department
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, McGill University, 2007.
Current Role
Principal Atmospheric Remote Sensing Engineer, Atmospheric Science and Climate Research, with responsibility for developing cloud analyses for climate and energy sectors.
Two decades of international meteorology experience; success in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams; publications on cloud physics and field measurement analyses (100+ journal citations).
Career Highlights
  • Principal investigator: Acceleration of cloud microphysical retrievals for climate models; atmospheric remote sensing for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics; microphysical properties of tropical rain.
  • Conference leader: Session chair, conferences on radar meteorology and workshop on mesosphere-stratosphere-troposphere radar; local organizing committee, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Symposium on Nowcasting, 2009.
  • Field experimentalist: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program; experiments for other U.S. agencies, Environment Canada, and the WMO.
  • Meteorology instructor: 2010 Winter Olympics forecasters; mountain weather course; WMO Regional Training Center, Costa Rica.
  • Weather forecaster: Costa Rican weather service; Canadian Meteorological Centre; U.S. National Hurricane Center.