Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Xi Hui Jiang
Environmental Data Specialist
Environmental Software and Data Management Department
  • A.A.S., Computer Science, Richard J. Daley College, 2004.
Current Role
Environmental Data Specialist, Ecological Resources and Systems, performing geospatial analysis and providing project-specific technical support.
Geospatial analysis, web site development and maintenance, database design and data query, habitat analysis and mapping, data acquisition and maintenance.
Career Highlights
  • Programming/development: Georeference data for Maywood project; maps for the Flaming Gorge Dam channel morphology and habitat study; program to record registered users for a RESRAD workshop.
  • Data acquisition/maintenance: Map verification and updates from aerial photography for Argonne site project, data reports for Maywood project, information gathering about radioactive source cases for RADIATION RISK CODE project.
  • Technical support: Updating and maintenance of the RESRAD web site; use of Adobe After Effects to determine the effects of Flaming Gorge Dam operations on fish behavior; enhancement of security during data storage and exchange.
  • Field assistant: Fish habitat sampling for Flaming Gorge project; equipment maintenance and monitoring for Argonne wetlands project.