Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Michael J. Nowak
Software Development Specialist
Environmental Software and Data Management Department
  • M.S., Software Engineering, DePaul University, 2008.
Current Role
Software Development Specialist, Environmental Data Integration, with responsibility for the architecture, implementation, testing, and support of custom web-based software applications and systems incorporating graphical user interfaces, web and application servers, databases, and advanced geospatial and scientific functionality.
Development of advanced web applications and systems; implementation of open-source technologies; creation of complex, productive systems using relational databases, popular server components, and custom software solutions; use of profiling tools for performance analysis; use of modern software engineering methods.
Career Highlights
  • Software engineer: Core team member in architecture, implementation, launching, and support of national security business systems for federal agencies; principal engineer for creation of modules, including one to track performance metrics for users of a system to process facility clearances; interface implementation, database design, and architectural component integration and simplification.
  • Assistant software engineer: Creation of an internal module for DOE national security business systems; updating of business logic flaws and user interface bugs.