Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Scott O. Schlueter
GIS Analyst
Environmental Software and Data Management Department
  • M.S., Geographic Information Systems, University of Washington, 2014.
  • B.S., Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University, 2009.
Current Role
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst, Environmental Science Division, with key responsibilities in data management, spatial analysis, and mapping efforts for multiple projects.
Collection and analysis of spatial and attribute data; collaboration with environmental scientists to provide alternative spatial solutions with confidence.
Career Highlights
  • Web Mapping & Geoprocessing: Mobile data validation for Solar Long-Term Monitoring and custom geoprocessing tasks for infrastructure vulnerability analysis.
  • Data management: THADIAS (Theft and Diversion Incident Analysis System); mapping and analytical tool for examining theft and recovery of radiological devices.
  • Mapping: EISPC (Eastern Interconnection States’ Planning Council); mapping data for future use in the Eastern Transmission Interconnection project with the Energy Zones Mapping Tool, which enables users to identify potential clean energy resource areas in the eastern United States.
  • Data management/mapping: Infrastructure Assurance Center; mapping for the Department of Homeland Security’s Background Package program, for brief reports that illustrate multiple facets of vulnerable infrastructure and key resources in the United States.
  • Spatial analysis: Geothermal availability; projected sustainable power output estimates for hydrologic watershed basins.