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  • Perro, Christopher; Lesins, Glen; Duck, Thomas J.; Cadeddu, Maria, “A microwave satellite water vapour column retrieval for polar winter conditions”, Atmospheric measurement techniques, 2016.  More »
  • Marquardt-Collow, Allison; Ghate, Virendra P.; Miller, Mark A.; Trabachino, Lynne, “A One-Year Study of the Diurnal Cycle of Meteorology, Clouds, and Radiation in the West African Sahel Region”, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2016.  More »
  • Jiang, Yueyang; Rocha, Adrian; Rastetter, Edward; Shaver, Gaius; Mishra, U.; Zhuang, Qianlai; Kwiatkowski, Bonnie, “C-N-P interactions control climate driven changes in regional patterns of C storage on the North Slope of Alaska”, Landscape Ecology, 2016.  More »
  • Ghate, Virendra P.; Miller, Mark A.; zhu, Ping, “Differences between Nonprecipitating Tropical and Trade Wind Marine Shallow Cumuli”, Monthly Weather Review, 2016.  More »
  • Adkins, Jaron; Jastrow, Julie D.; Morris, Geoffrey P.; Six, Johan; de Graaff, Marie-Anne, “Effects of switchgrass cultivars and intraspecific differences in root structure on soil carbon inputs and accumulation”, Geoderma, 2016.  More »
  • Wang, Jiali; Han, Yuefeng; Stein, Michael; Kotamarthi, Veerabhadra R.; Huang, Whitney, “Evaluation of dynamically downscaled extreme temperature using a generalized extreme value (GEV) model”, Climate Dynamics, 2016.  More »
  • Albrecht, Bruce A.; Fang, Ming; Ghate, Virendra P., “Exploring Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Entrainment Processes and Parameterizations by Using Doppler Cloud Radar Observations”, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2016.  More »
  • Hamada, Yuki; LaGory, Kirk E., “Exploring the Application of Optical Remote Sensing as a Method to Estimate the Depth of Backwater Nursery Habitats of the Colorado Pikeminnow”, ANL/EVS-16/3, 2016.  More »
  • Painemal, David; Greenwald, Thomas; Cadeddu, Maria; Minnis, Patrickck, “First extended validation of satellite microwave liquid water path with ship-based observations of marine low clouds”, Geophysical Research Letters, 2016.  More »
  • Steeb, Jennifer L.; Mertz, Carol J.; Englestat, G; Carney, Kevin P.; Chamberlain, David B., “Impact of an External Radiation Field on Handheld XRF Measurements for Nuclear Forensics Applications”, LEGACY DEFAULT JOURNAL, 2016.  More »
  • Martino, L. E.; Jerden, J. J.; Kimmell, T. A.; Quinn, J., “Independent Review of Elemental Phosphorus Remediation at the Eastern Michaud Flats FMC Operable Unit near Pocatello, Idaho”, ANL/EVS/TM-15/2, 2016.  More »
  • Longo, Amelia F.; Feng, Yan; Lai, Barry; Landing, William M.; Shelley, Rachel U.; Nenes, Athanasios; Mihalopoulos, Nikolaos; Violaki, Kalliopi; Ingall, Ellery D., “Influence of atmospheric processes on the solubility and composition of iron in Saharan dust”, Environmental Science and Technology, 2016.  More »
  • Vives i Batlle, J.; Beresford, N A; Beaugelin-Seiller, K; Bezhenar, R.; Brown, J.; Cheng, J.-J.; Cujic, M.; Dragovic, S.; Duffa, C.; Fievet, B.; Hosseini, A; Jung, K. T.; Kamboj, S.; Keum, D.-K.; Kryshev, A.; LePoire, D.; Maderich, V.; Min, B.-I.; Perianez, R.; Sazykina, T; Suh, K.-S.; Yu, C.; Wang, C.; Heling, R, “Inter-comparison of dynamic models for radionuclide transfer to marine biota in a Fukushima accident scenario”, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 2016.  More »
  • Chopra, O.K.; Rao, A, “Methodology for Estimating Thermal and Neutron Embrittlement of Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds during Service in LWRs”, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2016.  More »
  • Chopra, O.K.; Rao, A. S., “Methodology for Estimating Thermal and Neutron Embrittlement of Cast Austenitic Stainless Steels during Service in LWRs”, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2016.  More »
  • Biwer, B. M.; LePoire, D. J.; Kamboj, S.; Chang, Y.-S., “MILDOS-AREA Version 4 Computational Verification Report”, NUREG/CR-7213, 2016.  More »
  • van Lier-Walqui, Marcus; Fridlind, Ann; Ackerman, Andrew S; Collis, Scott; Helmus, Jonathan; MacGorman, Donald R; North, Kirk; Kollias, Pavlos; Posselt, Derek J, “On polarimetric radar signatures of deep convection for model evaluation: columns of specific differential phase observed during MC3E”, Monthly Weather Review, 2016.  More »
  • Feng, Yan; Kotamarthi, V. R.; Coulter, R.; Zhao, Chun; Cadeddu, M. P., “Radiative and thermodynamic responses to aerosol extinction profiles during the pre-monsoon month over South Asia”, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2016.  More »
  • Zuidema, P.; Haggerty, J; Cadeddu, M; Jensen, J; Orlandi, Emiliano; Mech, Mario; vivekanandan, jothiram; wang, zhien, “Recommendations for improving US NSF-supported airborne microwave radiometry”, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2016.  More »
  • Mishra, Umakant; Drewniak, B.; Jastrow, J.D.; Matamala, R.; Vitharana, Wellewatte, “Spatial representation of organic carbon and active-layer thickness of high latitude soils in CMIP5 earth system models.”, Geoderma, 2016.  More »
  • Biwer, B. M.; LePoire, D. J.; Kamboj, S.; Chang, Y.-S., “Technical Manual and User's Guide for MILDOS-AREA Version 4”, NUREG/CR-7212, 2016.  More »
  • Horner, R. M.; Harto, C. B.; Jackson, R; Lowry, Ella R; Brandt, Adam; Yeskoo, TW; Murphy, David J; Clark, C. E., “WATER USE AND MANAGEMENT IN THE BAKKEN SHALE OIL PLAY OF NORTH DAKOTA”, Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2016.  More »