Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory

Environmental Security and Restoration

EVS focuses on environmental and human health aspects of homeland and national security, as well as restoration of sites contaminated with hazardous materials.

Contamination in our environment — in air, water, and soil — contributes to health problems and affects the quality of our lives. The EVS Division confronts this challenge by addressing environmental and human health aspects of homeland and national security and by characterizing and restoring sites contaminated with hazardous materials.

We integrate extensive expertise in engineering, health physics, hydrogeology, environmental science, chemistry, spatial analysis, database management, and computer programming to contribute to environmental security and restoration.

Environmental Security

Operating at the intersection of national and homeland security with the environment, EVS works to reduce national and international threat from nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. We support facility vulnerability assessments for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, provide technical expertise for the DOE Radiological Assistance Program, and manage aspects of the DOE Highly Enriched Uranium Transparency Program.

EVS also develops emergency response systems for oil and gas wellhead emergencies and tracks theft and diversion of commercial radioactive material.

Applied Geosciences and Environmental Management

EVS has pioneered the development and application of innovative, efficient environmental site characterization methods. Fundamental to these methods are improved analytical approaches and new direct-push and cone penetrometer technologies for environmental characterization.

We select appropriate in-situ remediation technologies for specific contaminated sites and implement phytoremediation, in-situ chemical reduction, and other innovative methods.

Environmental Restoration

EVS assists a wide range of federal agencies with environmental characterization and remediation. Our support includes project planning, sampling program design, technology demonstration, modeling, data analysis, data visualization and communication, cost estimation for remediation, feasibility studies, and information management.

We have particular expertise in characterization and remediation of sites with radionuclide contamination.

Environmental Data Integration

To provide state-of-the-art, cross-cutting information technology support for EVS products and sponsors, we integrate geographic information system, database, and modeling technologies in Web-based portals for the management, analysis, and dissemination of environmental data.