Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Connor Taylor Aghili
Predoctoral Appointee
Climate & Earth System Science Department
  • M.S., Integrated Scientific Applications Geoinformatics, Millersville University, 2020.
  • B.S., Material Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 2017.
Current Role
Pre-doctoral appointee providing technical support to scientific staff for methodological and applied research in atmospheric science in projects related to aerosol-cloud interactions and regional scale climate modeling.
Satellite data analysis, climate modeling, statistics for climate science, scientific programing.
Career Highlights
  • Earth Sciences Research (Graduate):
    • “Atmospheric and Offshore Forcing of Temperature and Salinity Variability at the Irminger Sea OOI station” – characterized processes occurring in the Irminger sea with satellite, model, and in-situ data. Featured at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, IS34C-3369.
    • Coastal erosion characterization with LandSat TM5 data of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana coastlines from 2001 to 2011 showcased in Made in Millersville 2019.
  • Materials Laboratory Research Technician: Tested and simulated building materials for CertainTeed corporation (2018).
  • Materials Research (Undergraduate):
    • “Dresser-Rand Centrifugal Compressor Seal Materials Selection Capstone Project” – researched polymeric materials that had similar or greater chemical resistance than the current state of the art metal compressor seals (2017).
    • Coarse Grained PMMA Nanoparticle Matrix Simulations – investigated a hypothetical composite material with molecular dynamics software (2016).
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