Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Michael E. Holm
Software Development Specialist
Geospatial Computing, Innovations, and Sensing (GCIS) Department
  • B.A., English, Northern Illinois University, 1995.
Current Role
Web developer, focused on geographic information systems.
Identifying inefficiencies in business processes; designing and executing software-based process improvements; developing web applications, including back-end data processing and front-end user interface and data presentation.
Career Highlights
  • Designed and coded software to scan documents for direct access from an order-tracking system.
  • Led project to scan archival architectural drawings for a local university. Wrote software to rename files per customer specification and generate Excel files of drawing data.
  • Created a multi-file web upload form using ASP 1.0.
  • Core team member on several successful web applications incorporating geospatial information and analysis.
  • Recognition: Pacesetter Award 2013; Director’s Award 2014.