Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Kendra Kennedy
Cultural Resource Specialist
Sociocultural Systems Department
  • M.A., Historical Archaeology/Anthropology, University of West Florida, 2010.
  • B.A., Anthropology, French, and Computer Applications, University of Notre Dame, 2002.
Current Role
Cultural Resource Specialist; Historical and Maritime Archaeology.
Cultural resources management; assessment of terrestrial and maritime archaeological resources; underwater geophysical survey and data interpretation; development of agreements to mitigate impacts to historic properties and districts; geographic information systems (GIS) in archaeology; tribal and public consultation.
Career Highlights
  • Archaeologist: Identification and assessment of terrestrial and maritime archaeological sites in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Gulf South, and Southeast U.S.; historical and archival research in national and international archives; investigation of 1559 Spanish colonial shipwreck in Florida and possible War of 1812 gunboat in Maryland.
  • Consultant: Cultural resource assessments of offshore project areas for the oil and gas industry, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM); collection, processing, and interpretation of deepwater geophysical survey data for identification of potential archaeological resources; project and report QA/QC.
  • State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO): digitization of archaeological and historic inventory forms; GIS mapping of resources; project reviewer for federal undertakings; assessment of National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility of archaeological sites; effects recommendations for diverse projects, especially energy, housing, community, and coastal development; public outreach for maritime archaeological sites and landscapes; grant writing to enhance capabilities of SHPO.