Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Margaret MacDonell
Principal Environmental Systems Engineer/Department Head
Nuclear, Rad & Environmental Chemistry and Risk Management Department
  • Ph.D., Environmental Health Engineering, Northwestern University, 1986.
Current Role
Environmental health risk assessor and project manager.
Develop and apply approaches to integrate environmental fate, exposure, toxicity, and risk to protect and promote health, safety, and sustainability.
Career Highlights
  • Manager: Cumulative Risk Program.
  • Principal investigator and project leader: DOE projects — Weldon Spring Site cleanup; integrated analyses for Hanford cleanup; cleanup planning and risk-based end states for Headquarters; Center of Excellence for Risk; environmental planning for Fermi Site Office scientific research.
  • Principal investigator and project leader: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projects — provisional advisory levels and threat detection; dioxin toxicity and soil cleanup levels; environmental monitoring and citizen sensing; cumulative health risk analyses and training.
  • National Academies Committees (current): Committees on toxicology, acute exposure guideline levels, and Integrated Risk Information System process.
  • Fellow and Councilor: Society for Risk Analysis.
  • Author: Over 100 peer-reviewed environmental and health risk and impact analyses.