Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Louis E. Martino
Environmental Systems Engineer/Program Manager
Hydrology, Remediation, and Risk-based Restoration Department
  • M.S., Biology, Tennessee Technological University, 1979.
Current Role
Environmental Systems Engineer, Environmental Security and Restoration, with responsibility for program development and technical support.
Implementation of innovative hazardous waste site characterization/remediation as both a principal investigator and team member. Cost engineering including cost estimation for investigation and remediation actions.
Career Highlights
  • Environmental investigations: Performance of all aspects of remedial investigations/feasibility studies for sites contaminated with chemical warfare agents and ordnance-related military munitions.
  • Corrective action studies: Preparation of corrective action studies for former U.S. Department of Agriculture sites, including technology screening and selection and forecasting of life-cycle remediation costs.
  • Sustainability support: Assistance to the DOE Office of Sustainability Support and DOE Office of Environmental Management in the areas of hazardous waste management and Green and Sustainable Remediation.
  • Electronic stewardship: Service on committees developing standards for the environmental assessment of personal computers and servers.
  • Training: Development of webinar and classroom content for US DOE, DOD, Department of State and IAEA training courses on multiple topics including Superfund; green and sustainable remediation; and cost engineering.