Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Mary Picel
Program Manager, Sponsor POC, EM-LM
Nuclear, Rad & Environmental Chemistry and Risk Management Department
  • M.S., Environmental Health Sciences/Environmental Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1979.
Current Role
Senior Program Manager, Radiation and Chemical Risk Management, with responsibilities for program development and staff management.
Risk-based site remediation, management, and sustainable reuse; human health exposure and risk analysis; risk communication; environmental data collection and management strategies; environmental chemistry; radioactive materials and waste management.
Career Highlights
  • Project management: Argonne program manager for DOE and Army site remediation projects (e.g., Weldon Spring Site, St. Louis Site), developing risk basis for remediation alternatives, cleanup decisions, and implementation strategies.
  • Risk assessment and communication: Assessed risk for development of risk-based criteria, site end states, and reuse scenarios; developed and implemented strategies for risk communication to stakeholders in urban and rural settings (e.g., Amchitka site in Alaska).
  • Project leader: Developed management strategies and identified a disposal facility for the nation’s greater-than-Class C low-level radioactive waste; developed and analyzed management alternatives for DOE’s Uranium Leasing Program in Colorado.