Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Robert Sedivy
Hydrology, Remediation, and Risk-based Restoration Department
  • M.S., Geophysical Sciences-Geochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1979.
Current Role
Hydrogeologist, Applied Geosciences and Environmental Management, with responsibility for directing and participating in the on-site characterization, monitoring, and remediation of contaminated former federal grain storage facilities, under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Field acquisition, interpretation, and integration of hydrogeologic, geologic, geochemical, and physiographic data; design and implementation of aquifer testing programs and interpretation of results; development of conceptual and numerical models of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in complex hydrogeologic systems; development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative remedial technologies.
Career Highlights
  • Argonne technical project manager: Environmental site characterization and remedial investigations for former USDA grain storage facilities in Missouri and Nebraska.
  • Developer: Large- and small-scale spray irrigation treatment systems for the remediation of carbon tetrachloride in groundwater, in use at Utica and Murdock, Nebraska.