Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Zachary Sherman
Software Specialist
Geospatial Computing, Innovations, and Sensing (GCIS) Department
  • B.S., Environmental Science and Sustainability, Lewis University, 2016
Current Role
Software developer for the Python Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Radar Toolkit (Py-ART) and developer for a variety of other open-source software packages for the ARM program and other EVS programs.
Software development using python and shell scripts; creation of open-source code and maintaining with version control; scientific computing; data storage and processing using high-performance computing; and pep8 code style and continuous integration.
Career Highlights
  • Student undergraduate laboratory internship: In the Tribology Department of Argonne's Energy Systems Division, ran experiments on piston liners and rings from combustion engines to evaluate ways to improve efficiency.
  • Student research participant: As part of the ARM program, studied radar velocity aliasing and ways to de-alias velocity data and created a Python code that detects when radar beam blockage occurs due to terrain. Worked on converting Velocity Azimuth Display (VAD) code for future use in Py-ART. Contributed to the Py-ART road map, a document explaining the future development of the Py-ART package.
  • Aerotek contractor: Worked on code that can determine areas in a radar scan where the beam is being blocked by tall objects such as wind turbines; assisted in the development of the Py-ART package. Assisted in the creation of the Corrected Moments in Antenna Coordinates Version 2 (CMAC 2.0) package. Used CMAC 2.0 to correct and add products to radar data by using high-performance computing. Assisted in the development and setup of the package TINT is not TITAN (TINT), including version control, continuous integration and documentation.