Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Robert Van Lonkhuyzen
Terrestrial Ecologist Specialist
Ecology, Natural Resources and Managed Systems Department
  • B.A., Biology, Trinity Christian College, 1990.
Current Role
Terrestrial Ecologist, Ecological Resources and Systems Program, Ecological Assessment and Measurement Team.
Research in wetland management, ecological restoration, natural resource management; field studies for biodiversity surveys, protected species management, ecological risk assessment, and wetland assessment.
Career Highlights
  • Project management: Argonne environmental assessments for wetlands management, enhanced operations of the Advanced Photon Source, the Howard T. Ricketts Laboratory, and modernization planning.
  • Principal investigator: Biodiversity studies in Osan, South Korea, including evaluations of protected species; wetland inventory and analysis at Weldon Spring Site, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Argonne site; wetland mitigation, restoration, and management at Argonne; natural areas inventory and management at Argonne.
  • Awards: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness 2008 Conservation and Native Landscaping Award, Wetland Restoration.