Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Leroy Walston
Ecologist/Department Head
Ecology, Natural Resources and Managed Systems Department
  • M.S., Biology, Eastern Illinois University, 2005.
Current Role
Ecologist, Ecological and Hydrological Modeling.
Research in terrestrial/landscape ecology and geospatial modeling; application of geospatial methods to environmental systems analysis; evaluation of energy development impacts to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, communities, and sensitive species.
Career Highlights
  • Recent projects: Remote sensing approaches to elucidating landscape-level impacts of energy development; studies of sensitive animal populations at U.S. Department of Defense facilities; impacts of hydropower operations to aquatic ecosystems; development of web-based geographic information system approaches in environmental systems analysis.
  • Principal investigator: Environmental studies for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species at Department of Defense facilities; regional mitigation planning for solar energy development.
  • Technical expert: Author of programmatic National Environmental Policy Act documents and other reports for ecological resources, including biological assessments under the Endangered Species Act; specialization in threatened and endangered species impact evaluation and compliance.