Environmental Science Division (EVS)a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Predictive environmental understanding
Cheng Wang
Assistant Environmental Systems Engineer
Nuclear, Rad & Environmental Chemistry and Risk Management Department
  • Ph.D., Water Resources, University of Central Florida, 2009.
Current Role
Assistant Environmental Systems Engineer with responsibility for evaluation and improvement of the surface water model used in the RESRAD-OFFSITE code for determining the allowable residual radioactivity in site cleanup, analyzing International Atomic Energy Agency MODARIA (Modeling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments) scenarios, and basic research in reactive transport modeling.
Reactive transport modeling in surface and groundwater system; watershed modeling (hydrodynamics and transport processes); coupled simulation of surface and subsurface water; multiphase flow and transport simulation.
Career Highlights
  • Model developer: Participant in the development of WASH123D, an integrated hydrology/hydraulic and water quality model for watershed-scale simulations; major developer of a reactive gas transport model for landfill soil covers; improvement of a multiphase black oil reservoir model.
  • Flood simulation for watersheds: Flood risk assessment by coupled simulation of river systems, overland runoff, and groundwater infiltration in watersheds.
  • Environmental impact assessment: Simulation of carbon dioxide storage in saline aquifers with the TOUGH2 model; environmental impact assessment of groundwater with numerical tools such as WASH123D, FEMWATER, and MODFLOW.