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EVS Geospatial Analysis Center Cohosts Upcoming High-Performance Computing and Data-Intensive Geospatial Analytics Workshop

April 29-30, 2014

As one of the leading U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science laboratories in the area of high-performance computing (HPC) and intensive geospatial analytics ("big data"), Argonne is home to the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility and houses Mira, currently the fifth fastest machine in the world. Argonne is part of a DOE team leading the way to exascale computation. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), home to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies, leads a multi-institution CyberGIS initiative funded by the National Science Foundation, with a primary goal to innovate HPC and scalable geospatial analytics.

Argonne and UIUC are cohosting a workshop at Argonne on April 29 and 30, 2014, dedicated to the intersection of HPC and geospatial analytics. The workshop will bring together leading researchers and federal problem holders in the area of data-intensive geospatial analytics and HPC to discuss the state of the art, emerging trends in the area, and future research directions. Topics to be covered will include trends in hardware and software, geospatial HPC methodologies and principles, geospatial big data-human interactions, and innovative geospatial big data-HPC applications.